Her & His Experiments in Duration


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Often we go through the motions of every day living with little time paid toward projects, hobbies, wants, needs, and curiosities; we typically carry the "same-old, same-old" day-in and day-out. In this space, we decided to pursue project experiments in duration of time: her some odd days, his some odd days. 

This kind of dedication to one's well-being is not limited to grandiose experiences. You can love yourself without needing to climb a mountain, to dive in clear waters and see exotic fish, to cobble shoes in a centuries-old shop. Coordinating the regular, allowing rituals, constructing the altar at the base of whatever it is that says, "This is mine, and I did it for me," has weight and importance. These experiments also help us to understand what it is we're lacking: Do I need skincare regimens? Should I be reading more? Am I missing out on snacks and foods I have never heard of? Or, maybe with what we have an overabundance, a ritual we use to find that we can take away in order to gain: Am I watching too much television? Do I agree and say 'Yes' too much? 

Playing with time and duration can help achieve balance. Because time is yours. 

some odd
- (1) following a number and meaning approximately or a little more than (e.g., “there were 50-some-odd people at the banquet”).